Monday, December 7, 2009

Beautiful Erotic Female Nudes- Vintage Lesbian Erotic Art Photography

I thought those were really hot! :-) They are believed to be public domain antiques, models and photographers unknown. One place you can find these and more amazing pictures and stories is a site I stumbled across:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Challenges in the History of Lesbian Erotic Arts

I found an interesting article on erotic and pornographic art, pretaining to history and sociology here:


Lesbian Film Favorites from the Smoking Coctail

I hope whoever stumbles through here is enjoying the erotica. Feel fee to comment :-)

I found this cute little You Tub video and thought I'd add it. It's kind of sappy at first and made me start to feel all wistful, but then it gets kind of hot and cute and funny. That, and it shows off clips from a lot of great movies. There's a good list at the end, for your next video night!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Barbara and the Cherry Tree- part 2

by Sara (croll down to the earlier post to read part 1 )

My 18th birthday was amazing. It was a Sunday night, and we had spent the weekend moving my stuff into Barbara's apartment. My mom didn't think anything of it, other than I was becoming an adult and taking responsibility for my life. I had a waitressing job and would be able to pay part of the housing costs, and was also going to college. It seemed like a normal progression that I would move in with a girlfriend and go explore life. It's kind of funny to me now, because although I'm very out these days, at the time my Mom had no idea just what kind of exploring I meant to do.

There was an extra bedroom, but we decided to share her room and turn the other room into an arts and crafts studio. She was working on a lot of paintings at the time, and I like to make jewelery. There was a beautiful vanity in there that she gave me for my birthday, thinking it would be a great spot for me to set up all my suppilys. It was sweet, it made me feellike she was going out of her way to make me feel like it was my home now, too.

That night she took me out to my first gay dance club. It was mostly men, but they were all very nice. Pleasantly, I could have conversations with all of them, and none of them tried to grab my ass! LOL. Some great 80's music came on and she dragged me onto the dance floor, and made me dance with her until we were both sweaty, out of breath and laughing and smiling.

I let her get a little tipsy and drove us home, I wasn't old enough to drink anyway. She had managed to hide a cake, and pulled it out, lighting all the candles quickly. I blew them out, and suspected that she knew what my wish was. We enjoyed some of the cake, and then she started kissing my neck and ears, making me loose my breath slightly. When she ran her tongue down the edge of an earlobe, I caught myself shuddering. She grasped the hair at the nape of my neck, kissing me deeply and then grabbing me by the wrist.

She led me into the living room, where there was the quintesential fur rug on the floor in front of a fire place. She tossed an ivory satin pillow on the floor and told me to undress, that she thought I needed a wonderful massage as part of my birthday festivities. She pulled a beautiful blue glass bottle off of a shelf, and when she opened it I smelled rose and vanella and cinnamon. I undressed slowly as she moved about the room, lighting candles and starting a small fire.

I was used to being undressed around her and felt very relaxed and comfortable as I laid down and got comfortable. She climbed ontop of me, still wearing a long silky skirt. The texture of it rubbed against my legs and thigs as she put some oil into her hands and then began to move up and down in her position, beginning to massage my shouldres and neck. She leaned down after awhile, and I realized she had taken her shirt off. Her soft naked breasts pressed against my back for a moment as she leaned in and gently kissed my neck.

She spent a long time with the massage, so much that if I had been nervous, I was completely subdued. I almost didn't expect it when she got me to turn over and began trailing kisses down my front and tummy. Slowly she showered me with kisses, licking here and there; first my neck, then my breasts, then my thighs. I whimered and she fixed her attention on my nipples, sucking on one with her tongue swirling around the center, and pinching and playing with the other lightly. Slowly, she went back and fourth like this until I thought I was going mad.

Then, all of a sudden, she started to go down on me. She sucked on my little clit and whirled her tongue around it in patterns my mind couldn't comprehend. It seemed as though the whole world was suddenly filled with some strange electrifying impulse. With a finger, she pushed inside my vagina, and started drawing her hand back and fourth. I moaned and wrythed around on the floor, unused to the sensation of someone else touching me there. Then she used two fingers, and pushed in and out, hard! The rushing, melting, exploding sensation that began was almost too much, and she grabbed and held one of my wrists firmly as her fingers continued mercilessly and she kept exploring me with her mouth and tongue. She'd kiss, and lick, and lightly nibble, stimulate me with her hands, bite harder, lick and suck again. She was very fluid at doing all these little things at once, and they were driving me nuts with pleasure that was almost painful! I gasped, and started to loose my breath as the world fell away and I came, shuddering. I fell back into the pillows breathless, and she climbed up next to me, kissing me deeply and letting me taste myself on her lips.

We cuddled and laid there for a long time in the flickering candlelight before continuing our evenings fun in the outdoor hottub.


Barbara and the Cherry Tree- part 1.

By Sara

She was beautiful, the first woman I made love to. She had features one would expect in a classical painting, though something undefinable was a little different, quirky and cute. She was 8 years older than me, and I met her through some friends who took me to a costume ball at Haloween. On that night she was dressed as a midevial maiden, and her Elizabethan bodice pushed her soft fleshy brests up into bouncing round globes with deep cleavage. I wanted to run my fingers across them, and in that moment understood that I was attracted to her but didn't know how to handle it at all.

We became friends and one day I told her about my secret crush on her, aftraid that she wouldn't return the feelings, wouldn't like me any more. We were walking alone in a park and she silenced my fears- pushing me against the trunk of a tree and grasping the hair at the back of my neck before kissing me passionately.

I moaned, and she put a finger to her lips. "Shhhh..." she said. "Not Till you're 18."

So, we waited.....

In the mean time, she teased me in all kinds of pleasant little ways. She had her own place, which became my sanctuary and home away from home. She was an artist, and could frequently be found holding a paint brush in her teeth and smoothing the lines of her creations with some kind of smudging stick- naked on the floor, bent over her art in a way that showed her smooth voluptous curves. She rarely had a shirt on in the house, she liked "feeling free"

She had an enormous bathtub and encouraged me to climb in it with her, where we would wash each other off, the wash cloths rubing like velvet across out wet skin. She would kiss me with wild abandon and rub her slender hands across my skin in these more innocent fashions, before calling me to cuddle in bed with her on the piles and piles of soft feather blankets. Other than stroking my hair and curling around me, she wouldn't take things further... not until I was "old enough". It was maddning, I thought I was ready, and I wanted to in some way consumate the deep feelings I was having.

A week before my 18th birthday she told me she loved me and asked me if I wanted to move in. The happiness I felt was so profound that I felt I was olmost overflowing and breaking with the power of it. Finally, the first night of my adult life came, as I was moving in with my new girlfriend.....